I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. — Chinese Proverb

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What is your learning style?

Recently I have been to a staff development workshop and one of the sessions was about how students learn. This was important for me from a teacher’s point of view as well as a student’s.

The trainer introduced a simple tool that can be used to classify a person to the preferred learning style that suited best based on a series of questions and preferences. What I found most interesting was how accurate it was when I did it for my self.

I was in the blue category. This meant that my strengths were in concepts, theory and reflection. I would prefer to:-

  • learn by thinking through experience, judging the accuracy of the encounter and examining details and specifics
  • take time to reflect and ponder on the experiences
  • excel in traditional lecture-style environments
  • in conflict situations dissect the problem – determine facts, presenting them systematically in a conclusion.

I would NOT prefer:-

  • information that is out of sequence
  • pass/fail grading rather than scores
  • group grades
  • teachers who do not prevent cheating

The full list and the assessment tool can be downloaded from the following links (full credit goes to Centre for Learning and Development, ECU). What is your learning style? While it may not be completely accurate for everyone, it definitely gives a few thoughts to ponder.

Learner Style (PDF)

Learning Style Tool (PDF)


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Faculty of Management & Computing launches new Blog

The Faculty of Management and Computing of the Maldives National University has launched its own blog recently.

The address is http://fmcpost.wordpress.com

I think this is great as blogging is a great approach for keeping up-to-date  information about the faculty and activities informed and accessible to the public.

It could also be a good mechanism to get feedback from the public more openly.

There are several international and popular universities with blogs (Princeton University Blog, Harvard University Press Blog, University of Chicago, and many more…), some very much integrated in the mode of knowledge sharing from the lectures and also the students.

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Top 5 Lies told by Teaching Assistants

Just a bit of humour before teaching starts in the first semester…

This list was taken from http://chat.carleton.ca/~jnoakes/grad.html

5. I’m not going to grant any extensions.
4. Call me any time. I’m always available.
3. It doesn’t matter what I think; write what you believe.
2. Think of the midterm as a diagnostic tool.
1. My other section is much better prepared than you guys.