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Thaana Unicode Sheet

Dhivehi ASCII to Dhivehi Unicode


Thaana Unicode Sheet

Thaana Unicode Sheet

Now a days Dhivehi ASCII is almost unheard of as Unicode has been widely adopted for quite sometime, especially for content published on the Internet. However, there is still the case of legacy support and the mountains of content created by Accent Express, Recorder, and not to forget the repetitive pressing of the Left-Arrow key. Those were the good times when typing Dhivehi was an art and only mastered by an elite :).

So recently one old document came back to haunt us in a project that I was collaborating with a close friend of mine. I couldn’t bear to watch my friend re-type hundreds of lines all over again in Unicode. So I created a simple python script to convert the text file to its Unicode equivalent. The input has to be a text file, so the focus is only to convert the text, and not to create a fully word processed document.

The code is available on GitHub.


2 thoughts on “Dhivehi ASCII to Dhivehi Unicode

  1. almost 10 years ago, I also came across the same problem when the transition from MLS and Accent Express to unicode came in. There were tons of .acc and .mls files that need to be converted and so wrote a utility in Quickbasic that converted these file formats directly to .doc format. I guess it would have been much simpler with the vast range of available platforms and scripts.

  2. Cool! I too have released a few tools that does this. There’s a Windows-based GUI tool for ASCIIUnicode Thaana conversion (http://www.jawish.org/blog/archives/335-Thaana-Transcoder-1.1.html) and a PHP library that does conversions to and from a whole bunch of Thaana representations (http://www.jawish.org/blog/plugin/tag/thaana+conversions+class).

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