I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. — Chinese Proverb

Parallel programming with MPI for beginners


I’ve recently started reading about parallel programming, which I found to be fascinating and extremely useful if you are into computation intensive projects. I am starting work on a project that deals with processing millions of images from the Internet and checking if there are any stego content hidden in it.

There have been similar attempts made in the past (e.g. work done by Neils Provos and Peter Honeyman).

This project is just a precursor to the lager work that I’m doing for my research, and also as an excuse to learn more about parallel computing. More details about the project will be posted as it develops…

The following two part video lectures are really good and to the point and covers all the ground work needed to get a good picture of what MPI programming is.


4 thoughts on “Parallel programming with MPI for beginners

  1. ooi ammadey, …hope you are doing well… keep going, all our prayers ar with you… wish you all the best.. cheers.

  2. Hi, what about this project? I’m doing about the same thing with some friends. Contact me

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